Preset Packs


All Rounder Spectacular by Embrays Designs

"100 Presets Divided into 15 Categories - 1 - Gating - Gating of Sounds. 2 - Voice Changer - Drastically Change your Voice. 3 - Creative Sidechain - Classic Sidechaining. 4 - Stutter - Stutter your Grooves..."


Illusions of the Mind by Audilepsy

Illusions of the Mind contains 63 presets for BYOME by sound designer Audilepsy used to create his accompanying sample pack (coming soon). Presets available for free at the link below.

Free Download 

Byometrics by Delta Sign

"Byometrics is a collection of 110 unique and usable presets for Unfiltered Audio's excellent multi-effect plugin BYOME. The presets range from instant atmosphere generators, to lush reverbs, to creative glitch and mangling effects and much more. Great care has been taken to make all presets as musical and as usable as possible. Macros have been assigned to all of the presets, to make tweaking and automating the presets as easy as possible..."


Carmen by Patchpool (Simon Stockhausen)

"Carmen is an ambiguous Latin word meaning chant, magical formular, incantation, poem. Following these terms, Carmen for Unfiltered Audio BYOME is a unique collection of patches comprising ambient soundscape-makers which will transform the incoming audio into fascinating and wondrous musical and sometimes alien textures..."


Synergy by Empty Vessel

"64 presets in a variety of styles: subtly dusty and wonky to dirty and saturated, from claustrophobic to massive modulated lushness..."


Pro Studio Rack by (SteveWZ)

"'Pro Studio Rack' is a powerful collection of 150+ effects, all meticulously programmed and designed to bring not only instant gratification, but also a superior level of production to your music..."



Studio Toolkit for Fault by (SteveWZ)

"'Studio Tool Kit' for unfilteredaudio Fault, takes advantage of [its] amazing capabilities. The over 200+ professional presets with categories including: Classic Modulation, Pseudo Verbs, Vocals Fx, Guitar Fx, Drum Fx, Synth Fx, Experimental, Echoes, Harmonized, More."



Dream Delays for Sandman by (SteveWZ)

"Dream Delays goes deep into the capabilities of Sandman and tweaks its substantial abilities all the way to 11. With over 200+ professional presets..."



The Exclusion Zone by Oddiction

"The sounds of the Exclusion Zone are inspired by the Chernobyl event and the amazing sound design for the HBO show by ​Hildur Guðnadóttir​. Expect a lot of complex, dark pads, rumbling drones and clusters. But also pluck and synth presets for chilling melodies, various sound effects and sounds suitable for jump-scares...."


Spectral No. 1 - Ambient + Textural Soundset by Ambient Works

"Paying homage to modern cinematic sounds and the evolving ambient scene, Spectre No. 1 can help add cutting-edge ambiences to your projects. Fragile soundscapes, subterranean static, faded memories, cassette tape ambience, and more are included in this carefully crafted soundset..."


Modular Magic by Vintage Synth Pads

"With 'Modular Magic' we decided to go into a very different direction then the factory presets. The focus of "Modular Magic" is Pads, Atmospheres, and Vintage Electronica. We have been working with Lion for many months and created two complete volumes of presets. These presets showcase the more atmospheric depth of Lion..."


Sandman Pro

Somnus by Empty Vessel

"Somnus is 52 patches for Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro. Originally conceived to add movement and unusual ambiences to pad sounds these patches are useful on all sorts of audio so experimentation is key. There are: Huge Lush reverbs, Crusty bitcrushed noisy ambiences, Deep dubby delays, Complex modulated echoes some with pitch shifting and random glitches, Glistening 'Lanois/Eno' style shimmerythingys..."


Studio ProPak for Sandman Pro by (SteveWZ)

"The Studio ProPak contains a whooping 230 presets that cover a broad range of presets from studio "bread and butter", to complex sonic explorations that producers will find deeply inspiring..."



Mix Glitch for SpecOps by (SteveWZ)

"Mix Glitch is a massive expansion for SpecOps (over 200+ Presets)...The expansion covers a broad range of production possibilities, suitable for all style of music. The best part is, the hard work is done, simply pick from a massive library of expertly programmed presets (205) and have a blast."



Advanced Dynamic Controllers for Zip by (SteveWZ)

"'Advanced Dynamics Controllers' is a collection of 130 presets that go DEEP into what Zip is capable of achieving. The collection is designed to make using Zip super easy. Simply pick one of the many presets and make adjustments if you like. The 130 presets cover a very broad range of tools from tightening up a mix, to completely reshaping the dynamics of a track. To make things super easy, we have focused on specific instruments and usages..."